Drink Driving

Why do I need representation and how much will it cost?

Even when you plead guilty without a trial we may be able to represent you in preparing and/or tendering mitigation, for example arguing you should not be disqualified under the Totting-Up Procedure by reason of exceptional hardship or arguing that for special reasons you should not be disqualified from driving. This is most frequent with allegations of drunk driving.


Many Road Traffic offences and the relevant defences and arguments which stem there from have technical and/or procedural elements in relation to which you would almost certainly benefit from legal advice. This is also true in many drinking & driving allegations.


Some would say that Road Traffic Law is the most frequently prosecuted. Further, that it is both sometimes the simplest and sometimes the most complex area of criminal law. After all it is perhaps the most heavily prosecuted and frequently contested.


It is also true to say that as with many cases before the Criminal Courts often what is not said and/or how things are said is just as important as what is said on your behalf.


Because of our experience we are able to concentrate on positively addressing any aggravating features and getting the most from any mitigating features in an effort to focus the adjudicators mind on matters beneficial to you.


In cases where the Police wish to formally interview you under caution you should always, whenever possible, seek advice and representation for the Police interview. This can usually be paid for by publicly funded legal aid under schemes provided by the Criminal Defence Service (CDS). The Police should tell you this is available even if you attend voluntarily for interview as opposed to being under arrest. Sometimes these interviews occur outside of normal working office hours. Do not worry if this is the case as we have people on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and emergency contact numbers which the Police can access.



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