Road Traffic Law

At David Ake & Co our Solicitors and staff have an extensive combined experience over many years, in many scenarios and at all levels in helping clients who have found themselves the victim of Prosecution for Road Traffic offences.


In a number of these cases the firm have had cause to engage Counsel and experts in the field. Consequently we have in some very serious cases shown that evidence from Prosecution witnesses, including Police witness, which prima facie appeared damning, was in fact wrong and/or unsafe thereby variously securing acquittal or reduced penalty.


As Police and Councils seem to be increasingly pursuing Road users - doing so with an increasing array of tools such as the much disliked Speed Cameras, Speed Traps and Parking Fines - more and more people who are otherwise law abiding citizens are falling prey to Prosecution, Penalty Points and/or Fines.


Many who have been a victim of this feel some of the increase in Prosecution may be more to do with revenue collection than genuine efforts toward Road Safety. Whatever the reason(s) you should not just lie down and accept guilt without first checking - it may be the Prosecution is unlawful or flawed or alternatively you may have a defence or mitigation which might negate Prosecution or Penalty Points and/or reduce fines and other penalties.

Typical offences we deal with:

Failing to produce licence / insurance, using a motor vehicle without a licence / insurance / MOT, Speeding, driving without due care & attention / careless driving, defective tyres / brakes, failing to stop at an accident, failing to report an accident, road rage, driving whilst not in proper control of the vehicle, driving whilst disqualified, reckless driving, dangerous driving, drinking & driving.


We can also assist with applications to the Court not to disqualify people on the grounds of 'exceptional hardship' or for 'special reasons'

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