Mental Health Law

Mental Health Law

Mental Health Review Tribunal Panel

Mental Health Review Tribunals are independent judicial bodies that operate under the provisions of the Mental Health Act 1983. Their main function is to review the cases of compulsorily detained patients & decide whether or not such patients can be discharged. The Mental Health Review Tribunal has the responsibility of hearing applications or references concerning people detained under the Mental Health Act. The Tribunal members are appointed by the Department of Constitutional Affairs.



Based in Leeds we are ideally situated to service the various establishments in the Northern Region but we also travel throughout the UK to assist clients.


The firms supervisor, Theresa Clark is a member of the Law Society Accredited Mental Health Specialist Panel and supervises all cases.


As a panel memeber, Theresa is  also able to offer legal advice and assistance in other related areas of the law affecting mental illness and incapacitated persons.   


Only legal practitioners who meet the Law Society's strict requirements are permitted to join the panel.


When you see the Mental Health Panel membership logo, seen opposite, you can be assured that the practitioner's skills, knowledge and experience have been rigorously and independently assessed by the Law Society.


Theresa Clark - Partner is a Law Society Mental Health Accredited Panel Member and in addition Theresa has higher rights of audience and has many years of experience in advising and assisting clients.